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Phoenix International (hereafter referred to as PIPL) is a private limited company that is competitive, professional, diversifying, and service-oriented. We are proud of our entire well-wisher for building our support which will help us to cope ourselves in a smooth way.

In Nepal, it has been realized that there are many students searching for good educational institutions in abroad to have their further education. And prior to start the procedures to enroll, students are confused to choose the right course, right university or college, right time to begin. With the objectives to keep the students update with the latest changes and the information of various colleges/universities, many educational consultancies are established in town. And Phoenix International is one of its kinds with unique features to help deserving Nepalese students to achieve their life goals.

In parallel with academic qualification, people also need skill trainings in their related field and some knowledge of foreign languages to enhance their understanding while traveling abroad or working in foreign companies. Those people who are skilled or semi skilled and looking for job in English countries like USA, Canada, Europe, Australia etc. To fulfill such demands and maintain the trends of young people for abroad study and migration programs, Phoenix International has been merged with bunch of qualified people committed for better service.

Vision and Mission

In this 21st century, we believe that collaboration, connection and sharing are vital to progress, growth and success. To find the educational solution and assist students pursue higher/further or overseas education has been our mission. The world we live in needs a change the way we are. So we are dedicated to help people through quality counseling, training, education and employment, and other services.

We anticipate that each person who we assist, their feelings reflects our vision and mission. And out motto is to develop good and long term relation with the people with your supports. We assure excellence service, creative markets, and reasonable process.

Company Values (FIST)

PIPL is a company with a unique vision and the one is needed today and need tomorrow. We commit and live in our values.

-Friendly (F)
-Inspiring (I)
-Straightforward (S)
-Teamwork (T)

If someone feels happy from our services, they have exemplified our values. And we still are looking for outstanding performance. So why not you tell about your experience.

After studying the status of education market in Nepal, we have targeted 10+2 students, aged 18-25 years. Their parents are prepared to invest in their further education for their better settlements. Most of them are interested in undergraduate study and some are for post graduates. Engineering, Medical study, Nursing, Hospitality, Tourism, Business Administration, Information Technology, and many vocational courses are the interest of Nepalese students. So, our main objective is to fulfill Nepal’s educational market with involvement in several sectors.

The company will provide excellence service to deserving candidates in order to create peoples' value and satisfaction. The company will actively involve in the 5-7 areas.

  1. Career Counseling to abroad
  2. Abroad Study programs
  3. Recruitment counseling in foreign employment
  4. Skill or semi skill Migration to USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and many more
  5. Travels and Tours
  6. Language, Computer and Hospitality Studies
  7. Co-ordinating different events

We always try to be the most efficient in everything that we do.

Company Details

PIPL is a registered company under Nepal Company Act 2021 BS. Our transactions are transparent with tax legal system.
PIPL is established in 2007 with the unique objectives. Some future plans are process of implementation.

This company is located in a prime location of Kathmandu known as Baluwatar-5. Recently the branch office has been opened in Chabahil-7.
PIPL has analyzed the good information regarding the market and deals accordingly. The market growth or our services is strong and charming. And gradually, adults' interest is increasing for, abroad study, migration, skill trainings, and foreign employment etc.

Marketing Strategies are the key to success. As the marketing trends are changing time to time for the effectiveness, PIPL investigates for marketing and social marketing.

As our marketing strategies have shown the positive trends in future. There are many youngsters and adults who seek good trainings, counseling for abroad study. Some college or university students even quit their study and continue to the overseas institution. Many of parents are worried about their children education and looking forward to the consultancy service in order to ensure their children get proper counseling to obtain the life goals.

Being in the trendy areas PIPL has the potential opportunities. According to the survey many people are keen to have suggestions for the quality place for many services under one roof. So, we are readily standing to deliver different services in a professional way.


Phoenix International is analyzing the education market in Nepal. Since Nepal turned into Republican country, we are optimistic for the growth. So, the company has been looking for positive places for extending the relevant business in various places of Nepal. There will be at least three prospective branches beside Kathmandu commencing within few years. And also continued feasibility study and analysis is going on to extend more contact offices in abroad to support the Nepalese students at the spot.

Human Resource
Most of our staffs are educated in overseas or traveled different countries to broaden the skills and knowledge. The total number of staffs is ten including part time and full time. Probably, the company will have about 30 staffs after few years. We will be recruiting a balance on more job opportunities for skilled male and female equality.

Future Plan
Our market study has shown that there are some potential business opportunities in Nepal. For instance, tourism is growing in Nepal. We are planning to have our own travel and tours office in Kathmandu which will help the students to arrange their travel to their destinations. The Company is looking and researching into it and once confirmed the details about that will be mentioned in site. We are also seeking to work in collaboration with some renowned institutions or companies in order to build the international relationship and benefit the Nepalese students.

Beside this, the company is preparing to launch J1, H2A, H2B Visa programs to USA for interested candidates.

Please be updated with our site to know about the commencing date and candidate’s requirements for procedures.



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